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BATTLE RIVER GROUP. Working Group Meeting

Camrose Railway Station and Museum. 4407 47 Avenue, Camrose.
Host: Glenys Smith (Tel: 780/672-3099)

Friday, May 3, 2019: Gather at 4:30 pm for updates, potluck supper at 5 pm Meeting

AGENDA Focus: Progress Report for LGA Distinguished Artist Awards September 21, 2019, Maskwacis 

1. (a) September 21 and other Programs: Roy Louis, Kathy Classen  (See notes overpage)

    (b) Budget, Fundraising, Needs: Cliff Drever, Greg Zinter, Others;  
    Contributions to date; expenditures to date: Julie Girard (See handout)

    (c) Sponsorship: Joanne Zinter; Ardelle Ries; Cliff Drever

    (d) Accounting: Leanne Vig

    (d) Music Updates: Roger Admiral (Fusion), Veronica Weber (Solo), Jack Ross (Battle River Ensemble)

    (e) September 21 Program emcees: Tress Gibson (confirmed); Maskwacis emcee to be named

 2. Venue, staffing and food: Delorna Mackinaw, Angela Boysis-Bull

     Press Conferences, Promotions and media: Ann Gladue

 3.  Guest List, Invitations: Roy Louis, Judy Louis, Kathy Classen. Everyone.
Ticketing: Nick Beach, Jane Ross

  4.  Protocol: Lt. Governor of Alberta: Kathy Classen; Ken Regan; Jack Ross;

       Indigenous Protocol: Roy Louis;  Technology: Rajan Rathnavalu 

5. Provincial Writing Contest and details needing immediate attention:

    Schmidt Gift & Communication:  Roy Louis, Judy Louis, Delorna Mackinaw

 6.  Volunteers and volunteer coordination

     West: Bill Elliot, Susan Kokas;  

     Central: Margaret Rathnavalu (Ellen Parker will help);

     Eastern: Kathie Brown, Cliff Brown, Nancy Schmidt

 7.  September 2019 events across Battle River Region (See EVENTS )

September 1 - Launch at Mt. Butte and Battle Lake. Designate Coordinator

September 20 and other events linked to BRLGAAA. Roy Louis

September 30 - Battleford and Allen Sapp Gallery. Leah Garven, Elder Gladys Wapass Grey Eyes. Jane Ross; Roy Louis

 8.  Progress Reports and Opportunities (see next block)

-  Grouse Point Person: Janet Enns (T: 780/672-8177);  Grouse Research: Anne Mirejovsky (SCiP)

-  Mistahiya and Wainwright Wildlife Society (see outline/handout)

 9. Events Calendar;  See website: EVENTS