Bring Back the Grouse

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Grouse numbers are significantly lower across Battle River Region than they once were. Authorities at the Wainwright Wildlife Society saw only 4 grouse in Spring 2018 in areas where they had previously been able to observe dozens. Join friends across Battle River Region in 2019 to learn more about Grouse, its habitat, habits and ways by which ordinary citizens can join together in its conservation.

Places that Matter

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Battle River Region - Battle River Country is blessed abundantly with places that matter: documented archaeological sites (prehistorical and historical; land sites such as buttes, coulees, rivers and streams; human heritage sites like early communal sites, churches, schools, homes, etc. Although many efforts have been made by individual, organizations and communities, the business of identification, restoration and preservation is really just beginning. See PLACES in the menu bar above for more information and how to share information..

Indigenous Arts Awards

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These awards recognize indigenous artists and arts across the creative spectrum: traditional craft, dance, cuisine, music, visual, literary arts and other categories. Special attention is made for emerging indigenous artists of Battle River Region. Value is also being given for cross-cultural and intercultural fusion art forms. Through wahkohtowin (working together) it is possible to raise regional arts and artists to levels they deserve.

Headwaters and River Matters


From Battle Lake to Battleford . . . If you don’t know the headwaters of Battle River, it is time to learn about them! And it is never too late to learn more, much more, about our very own river and its unique place amongst the rivers of the world. In addition to the waters and safeguarding them, there are countless discoveries to be made about the socio-cultural aspects; how it has given rise to settlement patterns, functioned in trade, the stories it has generated and much more. Think about it in aesthetic terms too: the art forms it inspires . . .

Showcase your community and its creative gifts! We will work with you to identify possibilities for your club or area.


Contact us for conversation or a presentation.

Members of the Battle River Working Group are available for presentations in your community or organization. To get in touch, call any of these numbers:
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About the Awards

Battle River Group was honoured to receive

indigenous protocol from the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards Foundation in acknowledgement of partnership to host

The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Distinguished Artist Awards 2019.

This event will be the culmination of the month-long exploration and celebration of the arts, environment and communities throughout the Battle River Region. Three of Alberta's most important and accomplished artists ─ as determined by a national jury of arts professionals ─ will be recognized by the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta at Maskwacis on September 21, 2019.

The Battle River events are a creative gift from the people of Battle River to the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta and the people of Alberta.

The awards are formed in the spirit of Wahkohtowin ─ Cree for Kinship, Good Relationship and Neighbourliness. Emerging as arts that flow as stories from our landscape, the Battle River Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards are part of a long history and countless interactions between the First People, Settler People and New People of Battle River Region.

The Battle River Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards are rooted in a rich heritage which, in recent years, includes: Treaty Six Re-enactment (1977) with more than 5,000 participants at Dried Meat Hill; The Battle River Water Ceremony (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) at River Bend, Maskwacis; Culture, Creativity and Place Conference at Red Deer Lake and developments following (since 2012); Spirit of the Land (2012-2018); the World Indigenous Games at Maskwacis (2017) and many more.

In September 2019, the Battle River Group and associated Working Group are coordinating a month-long calendar of activities that interpret and celebrate the cultures, peoples and places of the region. Please follow the EVENTS page for the events that are scheduled across the region.