Cultures - Nationalities

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Battle River Culture and Cultures
Battle River cultural experience is composed of nationalities from around the world. Likewise many Battle River residents have lived abroad and bring accounts of that experience to life back home. Their experiences are personal and powerful. While much has been accomplished to identify and value culture and cultural practices in the individual communities of Battle River Region, the efforts of 2019 are dedicated to seeing and experiencing the region and its cultures more as a whole with riveting insights into the many sub-cultures across our region.

Exploration - Experience


Cultural Experience and Exploration:
Exploring life and learning is always challenging. As British ceramicist and writer of his family memoir, Edmund de Waal explains, we should live from our own authentic experiences but go beyond to experience and understand breadth the essence and wealth of human experience beyond our own. The challenge in rural and community life is to go deeper . . . by digging into personal, family and cultural history. We need authentic accounts and experiences based as deeply as possible in the reality which, for each of us, goes on—every day—without rehearsal.

Landscapes - Nature

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Battle River Landscapes