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By the Light of the Harvest Moon

A Celebration of Creativity & Community

Long Table Dinner

September 14, 2019

Castor Community Hall, Castor, Alberta

All food served is sourced through The Prairie Farm Project and prepared by Chef Mel from The Northern Table with local libations provided by Balzac Craft Brewery and wine pairings selected by Richard Harvey from Calgary’s Metrovino Fine Wines . Artistry and creativity from those connected to Castor, Coronation and Stettler communities will be showcased. The long table meal will tastefully be accompanied by music and poetry; photography and visual art from local artists will be displayed.

3 pm Tour of the Castor & District Pharmacy Museum
5 pm Long Table Dinner featuring:

Red Tail Farms, the Prairie Farm Project & Chef Mel from The Northern Table

Balzac Craft Brewing Company (Airdrie)

Metrovino Fine Wines (Calgary)

Literary | Musical | Visual | Arts featuring:

Roger Admiral, piano

Alexandra Brigley, voice

Karen Fawcett, voice

Rosemary Griebel, poet

Anthony Holland, singer songwriter
Pat Lang, painter

Angela Nyberg, voice

Audrey Pfannmuller, painter

Rita Renschler, painter
Edward Ries, prairie bard

Paul Sapergia, sculpture
Rhonda Sylvester, voice

Veronica Weber, piano

Dan Wood, photography
Herb Zinger, photography

Tickets $65 available online at this LINK or available at (403) 882-3935

For tickets & additional information, contact 

Kathleen Charpentier 403-882-3935

Castor and the Slow Food Scene

The Prairie Farm Project has been truly inspired by the groundbreaking work of Richard Griebel and Kathleen Charpentier. Over the last thirty years, Richard and Kathy traveled the world to witness global movements committed to ethical agricultural practices, honouring the land and the bounty that exists at the local level. They were invited to attend Terra Madre/Slow Food International events on numerous occasions. Together with his wife, Dana, Ian Griebel established Red Tail Farms (3 km south of Castor) to commemorate the pioneering vision and spirit of his father, Richard. The Prairie Farm Project composed of Red Tail Farms, Lazy T Ranch (Brett & Jenna Hauck) and Lady's Hat Farm (Nikki Wiart) are renowned for their advocacy and dynamic farm to fork connection throughout the province hosting farm tours and long table dinners as well as supplying high quality products to committed customers throughout the province.

The Prairie Farm Project is closely related to the Balzac Craft Brewing Company in that Thecla Wiart, brewmaster, is Kathleen Charpentier's niece and a cousin to Ian Griebel. Balzac Craft Brewing Company will supply refreshing before-dinner refreshments for long table guests.

Providing suitable wine pairings for the evening, Metrovino Fine Wines is owned by renowned oenophile, Richard Harvey, brother-in-law to Kathleen Charpentier and husband to one of Alberta's finest poets, Rosemary Griebel—featured artist at By the Light of the Harvest Moon.

Culinary Arts

Chef Mel, the owner of The Northern Table, creates delicious herbal blends that span the seasons--the perfect cup you sip each morning & the herbs you reach for time and time again at the table. She is inspired both by the richness of Canadian agriculture and by her experience further afield in the kitchens of women around the world. She believes in the ritual of gathering. She knows that nothing makes life richer than sharing a cup or a plate of something delicious with folks you love. Inspired by Indigenous tradition of the three sisters--squash, beans & corn--now at the cusp of being harvested, Chef Mel will bring Latin street food to meet the Alberta harvest at By the Light of the Harvest Moon. To highlight the region, fresh produce & beef will be sourced from The Prairie Farm Project; a seasonal dessert will be accompanied by coffee and hand-blended teas by The Northern Table.

Literary, Visual & Musical Arts

Over the last century, the Stettler/Castor/Coronation Highway 12 corridor within the Battler Region has spawned a diverse assortment of talented artists who will be showcased at By the Light of the Harvest Moon.

The literary arts will be represented by Rosemary Griebel, an award-winning poet deeply connected to the Alberta prairie landscape and author of Yes, published by Frontenac House. Edward Ries carries on a century-old family tradition of poetry recitation, bringing epic poems to life through dramatic interpretation and dynamic delivery.

The visual arts will be represented by a number of established painters from the Battle River Region: Pat Lang, curator of the Castor Art Gallery (Castor) & Audrey Pfannmuller, curator of Candler Art Gallery (Camrose), will display their works alongside Rita Renschler (Ries) and sculpture from the late Paul Sapergia. Exquisite photographs of the Battle River Region will commemorate and showcase the outstanding work and vision of Dan Wood and Herb Zinger.

The Stettler/Castor/Coronation Highway 12 communities are proud of a venerable musical tradition established already in the early 1900s. By the Light of the Harvest Moon will feature serenades by the lovely Central Alberta-inspired voices of Alexandra Brigley, Anthony Holland, Karen Fawcett, Angela Nyberg & Rhonda Sylvester as well as exhilarating performances by solo and collaborative pianists, Dr. Roger Admiral and Veronica Weber (Griebel).