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NATURE WONDERS AT MIQUELON with Eastlink filming.



Dr. Peter Mirejovsky   

( Historian, Naturalist, Photographer) understands the benefits of nature to humans very well.

This film will take us intimately inside his some 3 decades long experience interacting with wildlife at Miquelon Lake. From each season, his photographs capture up close and personal encounters with the wonders of Moose, Eagles, Beavers, Grouse and many more amazing creatures. His photographs and commentary definitely portray “Beauty as it Happens.”

Anne Mirejovsky

is a student, world-class athlete and grouse researcher who is exploring why we as humans need the grouse (and  other animals) as much as they need us. They are committed to producing wildlife photography of unparalleled beauty that expands understanding of what it is to be human in our modern technological age.

Appreciation is expressed to the SCiP Program of Volunteer Alberta for an internship grant in support of her work in Battle River, Summer 2019.