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FARM TOUR, Sunrise Farm

Learn  by experiencing Sunrise Farm near Killam. This tour is open to all interested people.
Amongst other blessings, you will learn how the grouse are returning - this is in keeping with attentiveness to their habitat and habits.

Sunrise Farm Tour


May 28, 2019 at 1:30

 Hosts: Don and Marie Ruzicka  


            12:30 at the Camrose Railway and Museum to carpool. 

            Directions are below if you wish to meet there


             Janet Enns at

             let me know if you are meeting at the station or at the farm. 

Guests welcome 

Bring  Snacks to share with the group. 

Directions to Sunrise Farm from Camrose

            Take hi-way #26 east, on the east end of Camrose

            Travel east to Range Road # 143 which is on the right side of the

            road; about 40 minutes travel time from Camrose

            Turn right and go 4 miles to Township Road # 462

            Turn left and go one mile to Range Road # 142

            Turn right and go a little over a mile; we are on the left side of

            the road and there is a gate sign